"Steve Barrett...to a Different Drummer"

"LEARNING CURVE: Steve Barrett, music therapist"
     - by Stu Bacon, Special to The Star, The Kansas City Star, October 15, 2002

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"Of all the drummers I've worked with, my three favorites are Jim Keltner, Jim Gordon and Steve Barrett. Steve hears and plays the "big picture", knowing when and when not to play. His african thumb piano pieces are superb! They slow down and mellow the listener, which is healing, therapeutic and healthy. His CD is a real educational and religious experience. Awesomely recorded and performed!"

Bobby Whitlock - formerly of Eric Clapton's Derek & the Dominoes


"A delightful CD!!!!!"

Dr. Demento
nationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Show"


"Great playing, lots of interesting color, great variety, lots of excitement!!!!!"

Vic Firth - President and Founder of Vic Firth Inc.
Principal Tympanist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, world-renowned Educator, Composer and Clinician


"A few seconds into the first track, "Jiggle the Handle!," Steve Barrett proves that this technically skilled artist doesn't take himself too seriously. This goofball ode to his tight-wad relatives, full of cliches such as that boy's as sharp as a bowling ball, offers a glimpse at his lighter side, as do his accordion-filled rendition of "Mercury Blues" and the hand-clapping hootenanny "Back Porch Pickin'." Merged between these sillier songs are short examples of Barrett's proficiency with his drum set and other more exotic instruments such as the kalimba, marimba and xylophone. Drum enthusiasts who are familiar with rattan mallet tips and yarn mallets will probably enjoy "Rattan" and "Yarn Mallet" more than the casual listeners, but kalimba compositions such as "Drifting Off" and "Peace" require nothing more than an ear for simple, beautiful melodies.

"Perhaps the most surprising track on the album is Barrett's reggae version of Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl." It certainly takes a different drummer to come up with such an odd take on an oft-covered standard. It takes a talented musician such as Barrett to make it work."

Pitch Weekly
The Weekly Newspaper for Metro Kansas City

"It kicks ass!!! Sounds amazing!!!"

Jimmy Herring
phenomenal Guitarist for The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jazz Is Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Phil Lesh and Friends.

"...To A Different Drummer"

"Silly, sensitive, and always sincere, STEVE BARRETT proves on ...To a Different Drummer that a rhythmatist's solo album need not be chops-laden to entertain and inspire. Kalimba lullabyes, cajun drum breaks, goofy funk jams, and straight rock all find their way into the mix. High points for attitude, open-mindedness, and some fine drumming."

Modern Drummer Magazine, May 1999.