"Smooth Cruise" - - music for a successful commute

Smooth Cruise is your ideal driving companion. Designed and engineered to provide you with a sonic environment that prepares busy you for another hectic commute, Smooth Cruise makes sure you arrive refreshed and ready to meet you day.

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Sound Samples

The first eight tracks take you from the start of your commute to your arrival at work. The music starts off gently, helps you wake up, and then builds energy  - so by the time you get to work, you're ready for a good day.

 Kalimba Song       

Ocean Dream  


Ashley's Song

Finally ... Flight

A Minor

Like A Rope

F# Minor

Tracks 9 through 17 are specifically composed to accompany your drive home. Track 9 is rowdy and helps you let off steam. You'll gradually shed stress and relax. Finally, when you're almost home, your energy is up again and you're ready to enjoy your personal time.

        F# Minor

        Cajun Groove

        Tiny Kalimba

        Mellow Down

        Break Song

        Mellow Dream State

        New Age Bamboo

        Raga: To Color the Mind, Body and Spirit