Steve's Recordings

Steve_Barrett_Works_2008_music_cover"Steve Barrett Works Vol. 3" showcases Steve's new original music in a broad variety of musical styles.

Styles include:

  • Techno/Dance/Rave
  • Old School R&B/Funk
  • Pop
  • Smokin’ Latin
  • Hard Drivin’ Blues
  • Jazz
  • Worship/Praise
  • Mellow Latin Jazz

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smoothcruisecover"Smooth Cruise" - Good Music for Bad Traffic

This CD is music for the traffically challenged!

Steve's unique concept CD is expressly designed to help you navigate the Expressway on your morning and evening commute.

 Relax, energize, and frame your day around this unique collection of driving music.

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cdcover_SteveBarrettWith " a Different Drummer", Steve Barrett delivers another personal, heartfelt album of self-produced songs.

Each carefully crafted song has a message and a mood. Listen to the empathy and emotion each composition holds as it delivers its message directly to your ears.

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