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    Ringo and Steve trade drum advice.
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    Drum shells come in a broad variety of colors and styles.
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    Steve rocks the 22nd Annual Blues & BBQ at the renowned BB's Lawnside in Kansas City.
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    Steve with Shania Twain in Las Vegas.
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    Kickin' it Live!!!!

Musician :: Performer :: Educator

  • Steve's talent and reputation as a creative and performing musician are indisputable. He delivers the backbeats on the best local and regional stages, and creates unique, engaging commercial projects that have entertained thousands.

    Steve's contributions to the local, regional, and national professional music projects are legendary - and a strong affirmation of his ability to use music as tool to communicate and entertain.

  • Steve Barrett is a first-call percussionist with a vast stage and recording studio experience.

    From the early talent shows of Kansas City's Southwest High School, through various high-profile local bands in the '70s and '80s (including the legendary Powerglide), to numerous prestigious rock, blues and projects, Steve's always rock solid as he rolls with the flow. Young percussion students regularly attend Steve's shows to watch how he does what he does.

  • Steve's degree in Music Therapy has helped him connect with students from all walks of life. He serves clients in youth homes, mental health facilities, adult care homes, and many other venues as he uses music as a powerful communication tool. He's not merely a rhythmatist, but a broad-spectrum musician who knows that melody, harmony, and rhythm integrate to teach hearts and minds how to listen and to grow.

    Always open minded, and with the patience and professionalism, and intuition that only arrives with the experience of years of using music as a communication tool, Steve's work with his clients speaks for itself. 

Steve's Latest Release

"Steve Barrett Works Vol. 3" - -

Steve_Barrett_Works_2008_music_coverNew original music from Steve in a variety of styles, including: Techno/Dance/Rave; Old School R&B/Funk; Pop, Smokin’ Latin; Hard Drivin’ Blues; Jazz; Worship/Praise and Mellow Latin Jazz.

"Steve Barrett Works Vol. 3" is a musical tour-de-force, providing the listener with finger-tappin’, foot-stompin’ fun and intoxicating, dream state invoking, relaxation!"

This eclectic collection of original sound paintings and musical styles will not only promote positive listening experiences, but invoke a variety of emotions to enhance your life!

Read more about this CD and listen to samples of the music.

Performance Gallery - Steve Appears with Bobby Whitlock

Elegant tasteful blues drumming by Steve Barrett

Steve appears with Bobby Whitlock and Paul Shaffer at the Bottom Line in New York. This soulful, effortless track illustrates Steve's engaging stage presence and command of his instrument.

A consummate professional, Steve's happy to be in the back line, locking in a strong backbeat and setting the tastiest of grooves for his lead players.